Monday, May 25, 2015

Getting started: A guide for first-time hunters

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For those unfamiliar with the sport, hunting may seem like a dangerous and bloody activity that is designed for only one purpose: to kill. For beginners, the thought may be a little intimidating, and not to mention, frightening as it involves fatal weapons and the process of tracking a wild animal.

Like any sport, however, it is the hunter’s experience and education that leverage one’s skill. As a guide, here are some tips to help you out bring out your inner hunting prowess:

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Attend a hunter education course. Hunting expert, Russ Chastain, emphasizes the importance of a hunter education course or a hunter safety course to understand better the nature of hunting, hunters, and the wildlife the hunter chooses to pursue. Such courses can also help one widen his connections with professionals in the field.

Find a weapon. Knowing the weapon that suits the hunter can help him improve his skills better. Whether it’s a gun or a bow, it’s paramount to comfortable with the weapon used for a hunt.

Get a license. All states require hunters to acquire a license before hunting. Also, it’s important to study local or state laws and regulations to determine what animals are legal to kill.

Find a good company in the field. The best place to learn the craft is practicing it in the area itself. Find a good company who can mentor you along the process.

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Remember, it takes time to become a proficient hunter. It’s a discipline that requires not just sharp shooting skill, but also deep passion and dedication to learn and understand the complexity of nature.

More tips on hunting can be accessed through this Andy WulfTwitter account.


  1. Hunting seems dangerous at first. But when I had my lessons about this sport, I was able to know the safety measures on how to use these weapons correctly. You will love it too!

  2. My dad taught me how to do it. I am now engaged to this sport. It is really fun!

  3. We have to be educated first before putting ourselves into this sport.